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WELCOME TO "THE MADHOUSE", This is our Official Site, We're you can keep us with all of our events, From the HOTTEST Underground Partys, Concerts, & More. 


We are a all ages venue, Located outside of Boaz Alabama, Into Altoona, Into the "Backwoodz".
Our venue, Is located outside(For the most part) and that is where all events will be held. 
Our Mission is to provide a Friendly environment for our fans, and music lovers. And First time Comers. 
All events are $5.00, Or other wise noted. NOBODY is allowed into the Event Area without a ticket, We reserve the right to ask to see your ticket, to prevent the case of people sneaking in(Like we said it is outside) If your are caught sneaking in, You WILL be FORCED to leave. 
We Welcome everybody. So Please, Come on down and par-take in the madness. 
Notice our Venue does not have a stage. 

Tickets will be sold at the "Door", If you don't buy one in advance.
There is no alcohol serverd, We welcome your right to B.Y.O.B. (21+ ONLY)
Respect all Performers & Crowd. (If you break this rule, You will be FORCED to leave) Hate will not be tolerated. 
There is no seats, So if you don't wanna stand, Your welcome to bring a lawn chair/folding chair. 
Mosh at your OWN risk. 
There is no dress code, But we ask please be respectable. 
Illegal Substances are well Illegal and won't be allowed inside our event grounds. 
Other then that, Just enjoy yourself. And be Respectable. 

We Have parking in the back, And It's Free. (Space limited)  
No upcoming events